3 reasons why poor people are fat

3 reasons why poor people are fat

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Obesity is normal. or over nutrition Often caused by heredity or eating too much Especially starchy and fatty foods, which will accumulate more and more as a layer of fat within the body. Until eventually causing obesity

Reading up to here, many people probably have the same question as me. “When it comes to obesity or overnutrition It has to eat a lot of food, doesn’t it? What does it have to do with poverty and richness’ and after looking for answers I came to 3 conclusions that can answer us that Why are people so fat?

3 reasons why poor people are fat

First of all, this article is not meant to insult or devalue people just because they weigh a lot. or less money in the account It’s just that the health problem (obesity) that is especially prevalent in certain classes is rooted in a few factors. which if we understand, we can work together to solve it

In fact, many hired workers have muscular bundles and six packs. Personally, I sit and work in front of a computer all day until my back hurts… But let us not go further than this. Let’s move on to the content.

1. Slimming food is expensive.

This is a very important reason. In fact, obesity tends to happen to poor people in countries or areas that are more developed. For example, in urban areas we see more poor people who are obese than in rural areas. And today, the food that makes you thin Or that various healthy foods, or what we call “clean food”, are very expensive. Maybe a hundred dishes two hundred already

Reasons why clean food is expensive Because clean food has to go through as little food processing as possible. Add as little ingredients as possible. And must control the balance of all 5 food groups in each meal properly, not too much or too little.

Poor people and clean food 

The poor in the city do not have gardens or farms where they can grow their own food, so the food choices of the poor in the city are diminishing as well. And of course, if I didn’t do it myself, I probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to buy clean food to eat often. Because the price of clean food is quite high.

Most of the food that poor people eat is starchy (carbohydrate), fat, junk food, and low-nutrition food that is readily available. and focus on large amounts of food first like Patongo Grilled pork sticky rice, fried chicken, which, as I said, most of them are foods that are high in carbohydrates and fats. It accumulates in the form of fat and eventually causes obesity.

2. Poor people do not have time to choose food. (low calorie food)

Most of the poor or low-income people have to work part-time. And sometimes choose foods that are more palatable than foods that are nutritional. Even if we want to eat salad But if the clean restaurant Affordable health food stores are not nearby. We have to eat chicken rice and pork leg rice instead.

We can say that ‘time’ is the prerogative of wealthy people. because people who earn daily income Working on Saturdays and Sundays too Return home to raise a child. Doing many household chores … This group of people probably don’t have as much free time as those in rich households who hire housewives and drive a car.

Sometimes, due to the fact that people with low incomes have to work hard to provide for their families. So I don’t have time to sit and consider. What should I eat at each meal? Are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in the right proportions for this meal? Are they too much or too little? On days when you work a lot, you have to hurry and finish eating. seeing the chicken rice Pork leg rice sold nearby, so he had to buy and eat.

And most poor people often don’t have time to cook their own food. Even if I have time, I would choose to use it as a time to relax and relax. or stay with family Therefore, a popular choice is to buy ready-made food that is easy to find, easy to find, has fat and sugar as the main component to return to eat. It will be full, delicious, and provide enough energy as well.

But that’s it. The food portion is not right. In the end, it was followed by obesity.

3. Many tasks require a high energy diet. 

Regarding the work of low-income earners or the work of the poor Most of the time it is work that requires a lot of energy, such as carrying work. be a construction worker Work in industrial factories that have to stand and work all day Or will it be many other manual labor jobs where those jobs use a lot more energy each day than people who work in other occupations?

From the reasons I mentioned earlier, the laborers will have to choose a large amount of food with rice, fat and starch as the main components. such as sticky rice with other fries Any other popular food that has it all. Because it’s both portable, easy to eat, and easy to buy. But when eating these foods often, both the sugar obtained from the digestion of rice and the fat from the fries Including fat in meat, it will gradually. More and more accumulated in the body until the energy consumed is greater than the energy consumed each day. and finally fat or overnutrition occurs

as i said We also see many people who work as bearers with beautiful muscles and bundles of arms. Many working-class people are considered healthier than office workers. (I still have back pain.)

Research of the Faculty of Public Health Burapha University found that “For a sample of 370 employees working in large industries in Chonburi and Rayong, more than 59% of employees have metabolic syndrome. Because of the responsibility associated with physical activity. and my own health is low.”

which is difficult to reduce by exercising Because I’ve been using energy all day Anyone who is tired If asked to exercise more, it would probably sweat on each other’s side. According to the research, most of the employees have abdominal obesity.

How are you doing with “3 Reasons Why Poor People Are Fat!” which consists of the reason that slimming food is expensive, next is that poor people don’t have time to choose healthy food to eat. And to add to the reason that most of the work has to be manual labor. Therefore, you must choose the food that you eat and feel full. and provide enough energy to be used But now, when he eats too much, he gets fat.

We will see that these 3 items are not only poor people who are living. Even people without income problems are the same. Because most of them are choosing to buy delicious food. The taste is right in the mouth first. More calories, less calories. Let’s talk about it.

But be careful, do this often. ??? ??? ????? ? ???? ??? ????????? ?????????? ??? ??????????????? ?????- ????? ????? ? ?????????? ???? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ?! You can’t let them get fat anymore. Because when we’re fat, it’s a different disease. Then they line up to wait for us for a kilometer long. The best way is that we should choose to eat good food. and useful from now on and eat just enough will be good for both health and also good for our personality

Finally, I would like to say once again that knowledge of nutrition and the opportunity to access good things at cheap prices That is very important. which is regarded as one of the goals that society and the government may have to join in solving (or to solve poverty problems increasing skills to increase salaries and increasing the minimum salary at all)





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