20 ways to cope when you feel bad about life

Of course, living each day we have to face various stories. thus we cannot avoid feeling unpleasant at all. When it is inevitable, there must be a coping method that can make it pass.

Table of Contents

  • 20 ways to cope when you feel bad about life
  • 5 Ways to Cope When You Feel Failed with Love
  • 5 ways to cope when feeling down with friends
  • 5 ways to cope when feeling frustrated at work
  • 5 ways to cope when feeling down on yourself

20 ways to cope when you feel bad about life

This article presents different ways of coping with feelings of frustration. From love, friends, work, or even yourself. You can choose topics to suit each person’s situation.

5 Ways to Cope When You Feel Failed with Love

Many people are disappointed in love. no matter being rejected or have already broken up But still thinking of yourself or still have old feelings who secretly hoped that love would be able to return to normal despite the fact that the other party did not have interest Or maybe it’s been over for a long time.

  1. accepting the truth

accepting the fact that The matter between us and him is over. Without having to set any hopes, he will come back to us. or the story will come back as good as before Or expect that in the future we may be able to come back and start a new love story again. and to cut off all that vain hope

Do not allow yourself to be lost in the dream world that has been created. because self-deception does not accept that truth Doesn’t help to make everything go back to how it was So you should wake up from the dream world. to face the real world

Even though the truth is painful and painful But it will keep us from getting stuck with bad feelings. of a relationship that ended like this and soon our feelings will gradually Keep getting better. The sooner you accept the truth. the faster it will get back up and able to accept new people come into life faster

  1. Self-distracting

Do you have things that make you happy? whether it is media consumption for entertainment Like listening to music, watching movies you like, finding hobbies to do. or may turn to focus on health by exercising play sports

To do something that you’ve wanted to try for a long time. But haven’t had a chance to start yet. This time is a good opportunity to start doing something new. should not be idle and let the feeling of missing someone that interfere with daily life Because it can’t change anything for the better, so you should find something you like. and do it and be happy In order not to let precious time pass along with suffering that we do not need to bear.

  1. Spending time with family and friends who love you.

When people are disappointed in love Many people may unknowingly create a wall that blocks themselves from other people until they forget that You still have a whole family that loves you. And there are friends who are ready to help and support you in the face of this difficult situation. So you better go back to them. tell them stories pour out your feelings The people who love you will always be ready to listen to you.

Who’s there for you when you’re sad or in trouble?

make up for lost time by being with these people and pay great attention to them. and at the same time it will make them feel Your appreciation for having them by your side as well.

  1. To love yourself again

Many people may have blamed themselves for that. Himself is the cause of this love collapse. Or maybe think that if you were prettier, smarter, better, our relationship wouldn’t have ended like this. Or think that if you were more handsome, smarter, that person would probably come back to you. This is self-inflicted harm, even though you are not responsible for that part at all.

If the other person doesn’t love you for who you really are. Even if you try to be someone else for him to love you And how long can this kind of relationship last? It’s a way that doesn’t make sense at all. you want people one comes to love you Until you agree to become someone else? and if you succeed But he met someone better than you. What will you do? Must become someone else that he considers ‘better’ again?

  1. Not clinging to the past

Sometimes people tend to cling to past mistakes. old relationship worry too much so afraid that You will be disappointed and experience that kind of pain again. Therefore, the mind is closed unconsciously. and make the opportunity to meet good things also closed

Therefore, regardless of how the previous relationship ended, We should always give ourselves the opportunity to meet new love. Don’t be afraid that will fail like the previous time because we never knew that this love What will it be in the end? Therefore, don’t allow past mistakes to block new opportunities in life. Consider it a good opportunity. Let us try to make new excuses with love this time.

5 ways to cope when feeling down with friends

It’s not uncommon for you to feel disappointed with a friend. and that you can be friends Because I feel that we can talk about some things or many things, it’s not strange. It’s normal for interpersonal relationships. that when we have acquaintances who can talk to each other people who share the same interests, have similar thoughts That is automatically our friend. But being friends goes a bit deeper than that.

Many times people use the word ‘friend’ to demand or expect something from their acquaintances. in the hope that there will be no problem because we are friends

  1. Check your own position.

We might think of him as a friend. Conversely, your opponent may not accept you as a friend. and that we do something for or expect something from someone who thinks of us as a friend It may get a different result than what was expected, so you should check your status and position yourself to be sure first.

  1. Understand and accept

even though they are friends It does not mean that each party can do whatever they want. no matter how close they are At least both parties should respect each other. try to listen and understand each other on both sides If there is a matter that any party is uncomfortable with, they should agree to understand each other in the first place. And then we have to decide if it’s acceptable or not. without resisting oneself Therefore, feeling disappointed with that friend. Maybe it’s because we don’t know that friend well enough.

  1. Open minded conversation

If you’re still not confident, try to open up and talk to each other again, it’s the best and quickest way to sort out any problems or clues. that both parties have with each other but must gradually Have a conscious, calm conversation by asking questions or exchanging issues. with problems one by one And we must be open to listen to the feelings of the other person attentively as well. together with finding the best solution

  1. Consult those around you.

If you still don’t dare or are not ready to open up and talk to each other. And still don’t know what to do with this kind of feeling Try to find a counselor who is ready to listen to your problems and feelings right now. Whether it’s a family member Other trusted friends Lovers or specialists such as psychologists or psychiatrists, for example, they are ready to listen. and always ready to help each other find a solution

  1. let go

being friends today It doesn’t mean that he will always be your same friend. Over time, people can change as well. We ourselves are not able to always remain the same person we were before. Because people are growing up every day when we have some disappointment in our friends. But we chose not to continue. Then choose to retreat by yourself. in order to grow up in my own path It’s better than waiting to focus on the bad feelings like that.

5 ways to cope when feeling frustrated at work

In that work, we have the opportunity to meet various stories. come in a lot through work But many times, there may be some things that make us feel uncomfortable as well.

  1. Find time to take a break from work.

If during the time that I feel very bad about work We often don’t have the desire to work much. So try to find a day off. or ask for leave for a day or two in order to get some rest from work Perhaps this feeling is caused by working too hard. If I could take a break tired should be able to return to work fully

  1. Reduce self-pressure from work

Keeping busy with work all the time Doesn’t make you look diligent. or more active Instead, you have to be more tired than necessary. Until it may affect life too much And if it’s like that often? It will cause a bad feeling. Accumulated from overwork

So try to reduce the pressure. Work in a way that doesn’t feel too hard. If there is still time left, it is not necessary to rush to complete it in one go. but should plan and divide the time appropriately will make the quality of the work come out as well

  1. Express your feelings to someone.

Many people tend to keep their feelings of failure from their work. which is a feeling that I don’t really want others to know When kept alone for a long time, it will make that mental state worsen as well. until it may affect life as well expressing feelings Or share the accumulated problems in your heart to someone we can trust. Makes us not have to bear that feeling alone anymore. and don’t have to worry about it until it can’t work

  1. Consult with colleagues Supervisor or Human Resources

to work when we feel bad about the work being done It will inevitably result in problems or disruptions to work. Therefore, having to consult with people directly related to work such as colleagues, supervisors or the human resources department. It is a good way to come together to find a solution to the problem. or how to deal with feelings that hinder your ability to work well because they are also people who are related to our work therefore should be able to give good advice From the experience that I have come across very well

  1. Try a new job

In the event that I feel very bad about my current job Why don’t you try something new to do, because it won’t require you to do the same thing. original idea Meet the traditional social environment until it makes you feel bad The way it is now, so trying to change jobs Or find a side job that interests you, it is something that sounds quite interesting. Maybe you’ll be destined for your new job. And it may become one of the most important tasks in your life.

5 ways to cope when feeling down on yourself

When people dream of doing something or want to have something like And sometimes it’s not as smooth as you think. It’s normal to feel disappointed in yourself. So finding a way to cope with that feeling is very important.

  1. Find the root cause of your feelings.

Finding the source of the cause that makes us feel bad about ourselves. and choose to avoid the cause of it first It will help us to be able to deal with our own thoughts and feelings very well, so that we know and understand the cause of this feeling to ourselves first. It will allow us to avoid the feeling that we do not want to occur in every situation.

  1. Change your point of view

The fact that we have this kind of feeling happens. and still unable to deal with the feeling for a while Maybe it’s because we still have the same ideas and perspectives. and still pay too much attention to it Which is why we still can’t find a way to deal with it, so we must learn to try to look differently. and open to new ideas that will make us not have to pay attention to bad feelings recurring

  1. Increasing self-satisfaction

The most common cause of feeling bad about yourself is This is due to low self-satisfaction. like looking down on oneself or frequently compare yourself to others Which many people tend to misunderstand that it is humble. But it’s completely different. And in the end, we ourselves will feel discouraged. and disappointed in ourselves for not being able to be like others, so if we will have enough self-satisfaction We will not have feelings that are dissatisfied with ourselves.

  1. Doing what you love

Doing what you love seems to be the easiest thing to do. because it is love So there is already a desire to do it. without feeling like it would take a lot of effort When you do it, you will also be happy. And it will also help us stop focusing on negative feelings. That happened well, too.

  1. Traveling to new places

Sometimes staying in the same place or the original environment It left us unable to think of anything. therefore unable to find a way to deal with various feelings that can happen therefore going out to a new place meet new people different environment May allow us to learn something new. And that bad feeling will be replaced by a new feeling that comes in. to make us forget the bad feeling They go away without realizing it.

It’s normal for everyone to have days when they feel bad about their lives. But the problem wasn’t there. It’s up to you to stop here. and dig away and bury myself along with that feeling or choose to stand up and fight change it yourself And go on with your life with greater confidence and strength as you grow day by day.




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