17 Ways to Manage High Ego People In each situation

17 Ways to Manage High Ego People In each situation (Ego bending)

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Sometimes living with someone with a high ego is inevitable. Everyone probably knows this type of person well, right? always loud person Say nothing, don’t listen You are always right and everyone else is wrong. This person with a high ego will make you feel frustrated. It also makes you lose your mental health.

This article will look at how to manage high ego people. which I have divided for each situation. Hope it will be useful for everyone.

How to manage high ego people in each situation 

Ways to manage a high ego include using irrefutable facts to persuade, or avoiding telling the truth and making other excuses. to achieve the same result that we want But the best way is to ignore it. don’t interfere with

A person with a high ego is someone who has high self-esteem. This means that it is difficult to convince these people. Therefore, if you want to live with this type of person. You have to accept that you have to use physical strength. extraordinarily motivated

However, sometimes people with high egos are loved ones. or people we need to live with and work with We went to look at ways to manage high egos. each type

high ego boyfriend

#1 ‘You make me feel like that’ – It’s a great line to use in a conversation with anyone. because even people with high egos can deny accusations or deny the fact But there is no way to deny the other person’s feelings. If we say how the other person’s actions make us feel There are more opportunities for the other party to listen.

#2 Know when to say no – Many egoists don’t think they’re wrong. and don’t think that what you do is a bad thing Of course, saying no to this kind of person will cause endless quarrels. What you need to remember is that you are always entitled to make your own decisions. And no matter how persuasive or stubborn the other party is You are the one responsible for your own actions.

#3 Watch good deeds (but don’t do it often) – Most people with high egos are better at acknowledging a compliment than saying. (Or even more advice.) We should make the most of this point. We should praise good deeds to persuade these people to do it more often. But be careful not to visit often. The other party will forget.

The boss with a high ego

#4 Follow but don’t agree – the boss is still the boss Sometimes in working even if we disagree We should follow anyway. If you see that this decision or order will cause bad results. Your job is to prepare a solution in advance without the other person knowing.

#5 Get results indirectly – Arguing with your boss is useless. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself if you want to win the argument. or want the results you want On many occasions, even if you can’t convince your boss directly, You can still find other ways to change your actions anyway.

#6 Provide additional information – no matter how high the boss’s ego is. People at work are also more likely to hear the facts than in other situations. If you can prepare the information to be persuasive. The more information you think your boss would want to hear. Chances are your boss will lower his ego to listen to you.

#7 Give up your work as a bargain later – A tall ego doesn’t always mean a fool. Sometimes giving the work such as complimenting the boss to the owner of the company It is regarded as building a sound base for oneself. As they say, let go of the sour to eat the sweet.

Minions with high egos

#8 Understand that teaching people takes time – in case you are of higher rank or position. You must understand that you are the one who has more bargaining power. This means that if you are willing to hire employees with high egos. You must be prepared to take the time to persuade this subordinate. Prepare to find lessons on very challenging tasks to reduce the ego of subordinates continuously.

#9 Ego people are easy to understand – as a worker. The main function is to get the job done. There is probably no cog that will help your work more than an easy-to-understand subordinate. because you can easily predict the behavior of your subordinates Let the ego of the subordinates be used as a bargaining chip in persuasion.

#10 If you don’t lure, you have to chase – a lesson for many business people. that if we cannot lure or persuade employees to work Leaving employees to do other things would be the best choice.

Idiot with high ego

#11 Avoidable, Avoidable – In the end, raising someone with a high ego is better than direct confrontation. Arguing and losing, we feel bad. Arguing and winning, we are tired. (Plus, the other party doesn’t follow anyway) If possible, we better take the time to find happiness.

#12 Listen but don’t respond – if we trust our opinions or beliefs. We can listen to other people’s opinions. You just don’t have to follow through and you don’t have to react. If the other person acts angry or speaks loudly You have the right to walk away.

#13 The opinions of these people… are not so reliable – opinions are opinions. you can take into account But there is no need to keep thinking further. or brought more attention than necessary Because these people are probably not responsible for anything in your life other than talking for no reason.

An idiot with a high ego would be someone that no one would want to work with or live with. If these people are not important people in your life. It’s best to cut it off.

ourselves with a high ego

#14 Practice a Little Letting Go – A lot of times, high egos come from unknowingly holding onto false beliefs or ideas. The disadvantage is that if we do not know We can’t fix it. You start by letting go of the little things in life that are not important. It may start from giving or helping people we don’t know. to release oneself from a high ego

#15 Practice describing your feelings. Especially feeling vulnerable – one of the ways to recognize your ego. is to find opportunities to express your feelings If you have people around you who are ready to listen You are considered lucky to some extent. or if you want to do it yourself Try jotting down your ideas and writing them on paper first. Keep doing this and you’ll be able to practice capturing your thoughts.

#16 Say thank you often – Thanks (and sorry) are like magic words that free us from a lot of things. As long as we are ready to speak these words from the heart Accepting the help of others and acknowledging your own faults is an important step in managing your ego.

#17 If listening is difficult Let’s start by observing yourself – to answer questions that we feel sad. What are you afraid and angry with? Because the opposite of these emotions is your ego. But that doesn’t mean your existing ego is bad. Just don’t use them to pressure or hurt others.

Ego is like underwear can be worn every day But probably no one would want to see it.
Especially the original ego.

Finally, how to deal with high ego people.

In the end, no one’s ego can hurt us as much as our own. If we feel angry because of other people’s words That’s because we believe other people’s words conflict with the beliefs in our heads.

The ego is one of us. can make us happy And it can make us feel frustrated. But the good news is that everything is in our control. If we learn to meditate and practice mindfulness for ourselves





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