15 ways to live with yourself

The saying ‘be your best self’ is good advice, though. But just one sentence can’t be a guide for you all the time. This article, although it doesn’t have ‘Quotes to get the point’ I hope that all readers will have options to live with themselves. spend time with yourself You can be happier with yourself.

Let’s try 15 ways to live with yourself. Spend time with yourself and be happy.

Table of Contents

  • 15 ways to live with yourself Spend time with yourself to be happy.
    • #1 Find a purpose in life But don’t be bound by the results.
    • #2 Prioritization of life and making time for what you like
    • #3 Catch yourself time to think negatively. 
    • #4 Don’t get addicted to dopamine or the ‘happy hormone’
    • #5 ‘Rest recharge’ is a duty.
    • #6 Rediscover yourself over and over again.
    • #7 Acknowledge your emotions and feelings.
    • #8 Self-Acceptance
    • #9 Reward yourself
    • #10 Not tying happiness to other people, two ways
    • #11 Find happiness for yourself every day.
    • #12 Cut some ‘bad’ out of your life.
    • #13 Good physical health will lead to good mental health.
    • #14 Remember that the joy of being alone is more than you think.
    • #15 Find a balance between emotions and reasons that work for you.

15 ways to live with yourself Spend time with yourself to be happy.

#1 Find a purpose in life But don’t be bound by the results.

Everyone knows that ‘Goals in life’ make life more meaningful. But having meaning in life doesn’t mean you’ll always be happy. In part, this is because happiness from that goal comes from two factors. The first factor is that we must have goals that we like. worth following and the second factor is We must not be bound by the results. But we must love to travel to find our goals.

What do you mean?

Suppose your goal is to run a marathon. When you run, you’re happy. But if you tie your happiness to running speed The distance you should be able to run. On days when you can’t do what you want, you may get hurt, have family obligations. or whatever That happiness will disappear immediately.

On the other hand, if you tied your happiness to just being able to run, training, having time to do what you enjoy. You will enjoy running after your goal without getting tired, not giving up at all.

#2 Prioritization of life and making time for what you like

continue from the previous item If you already know what your goals in life or what you like are. The next thing is time division and prioritization of various life activities. The basics are reducing what you don’t like and increasing what you like.

Although this principle seems simple, but everyone has different burdens and daily responsibilities. Some people have less time in their lives because they have to focus on family and work. At this point, it must be accepted that people with a lot of burdens may not be able to devote a lot to what they like. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up everything you like.

The ‘priority of life’ is even more important if we have limited time. If you are a person who works all the time You should find a little time. Whether it’s an hour or ten minutes a day, doing what you love. In this section, I recommend reading the article on work-life balance How to create Work-Life Balance and 15 ways to work happily that is not as difficult as you think

#3 Catch yourself time to think negatively. 

Our hearts can make us happy. It can make us suffer as well. If forbidding yourself to think negatively, think badly, think negatively It’s a difficult thing for you. What you can start today is ‘Catching yourself’ first

Most people don’t even realize they’re negative. Some people go through these thoughts for hours, days, and months until they realize that what they are doing is negative thinking. In this case, holding yourself back will make it easier for you to regain your senses.

Catching yourself with negativity begins with you paying attention to yourself. If you are someone who can’t keep up with your own thoughts and feelings. My first suggestion is to write down your thoughts and emotions every day. Writing and organizing ideas will make you It’s easy to ‘compare emotions’ yourself. I will explain more in verse 7.

#4 Don’t get addicted to dopamine or the ‘happy hormone’

Dopamine, or the ‘happy hormone’, is a happy chemical. that our body naturally produces It’s the hormone that makes our bodies feel good after a marathon. exam at one or promoted at work But it’s the same hormone we get from addictive substances like alcohol, tobacco, or even drugs (gambling can cause our body to produce dopamine).

The question is, what does dopamine have to do with being yourself? spend time with yourself

In this section, what we need to be careful about when we are with ourselves. Spending time on yourself is an ‘addiction’ too much. Being alone sometimes makes us more able to manage our own time. which if we are not careful We will devote time to doing something just one thing.

dedication is a good thing Doing what we love is a good thing. But in the end, if we do too much The result may come out bad. Being alone is all about learning to control yourself and balance your schedule.

#5 ‘Rest recharge’ is a duty.

For some people who feel guilty when alone may think that it is a loss of learning opportunities Losing travel opportunities, trying new things, most likely due to extrovert or challenging personality (Type-A personality)

The perspective I want everyone to understand is that our bodies have limited energy. therefore finding time to be alone do what you like giving yourself time is also a must. It is one way to add energy to the body.

A good analogy is to view our bodies as machines. We are mechanics. And giving time to repair the machine is also one of the duties of the operator as well.

#6 Rediscover yourself over and over again.

finding oneself Answering questions about what you like, what you want is important. But self-discovery is not something we do once and for all. Every time we grow up learn more With more experience, our preferences and needs may change.

If you have time for yourself You should use this time to answer questions about what we like and what we want. We may think we know ourselves best. But you followed yourself growing up. How much more experience do you have? Or did you only know yourself from five years ago? ten years ago

To find yourself, to find yourself, you have to keep doing it.

#7 Acknowledge your emotions and feelings.

In the previous section, we have already talked about goals in life. In this part, we also have to look at our own emotions and feelings.

Although emotions and feelings are ‘our’, this does not mean that we are aware of or in control of them. We may know that we are hungry. But sometimes we don’t know whether we are sad or angry, and our lack of access to these emotions will make us feel confused. not being yourself even with yourself

The advantage of spending time alone is that we don’t have to hide our feelings for fear of judgment from those around us. If you’re a person who finds it difficult to capture your emotions, try the method I’ve suggested. Beyond that you can ‘test’ what you like so you can try more. Anything you don’t feel good about, you do less. If your feelings come out better It is considered to be one of self-learning.

#8 Self-Acceptance

Well, now you know how to find what you like. Recognize your own emotions and feelings. This will lead us to the next step, accepting ourselves for who we are.

self acceptance It means that we understand our pros and cons. We know what we’re good at. And we know what our own limitations are. If you know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at, you’ll be able to be kinder to yourself more easily. This means you don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself. As long as we are always honest and serious about everything we do. We can be happy by accepting ourselves.

If you still think you’re putting too much pressure on yourself (emphasis on too much such as pressure to the point of stress, insomnia, stomach ache, other bad side effects) I suggest you go back and look at the previous verses. But if you can start accepting yourself. It’s time for us to spend time finding happiness for ourselves. Find ways to improve your flaws and overcome your limitations.

#9 Reward yourself

The worst self-harming thoughts are when you think ‘You don’t matter’ and to stop thinking like this, you need to always find a way to reward yourself. be kind to yourself and take good care of yourself

What can be started today is celebrating the little accomplishments in life. It could be celebrating reading an extra page or chapter of a book, trying a new exercise. (or trying to start exercising), even if it may be a success that (you think) is worthless to others. But if you think this accomplishment makes you happy, proud, or feeling progressive. You should celebrate and reward yourself. such as going out to eat something delicious giving yourself time to relax doing what you like

As for the definition of what should be celebrated And what should we celebrate? It’s all up to you. Rewarding yourself for happiness requires you to design it yourself. In this section, I recommend reading the article on How important is encouragement ?

#10 Not tying happiness to other people, two ways

We’ve always heard that we shouldn’t tie our own happiness to someone else’s. which is another topic ‘Easy to say but hard to do’ There are two things we can start doing here.

The first thing is to Don’t do anything that we don’t like. to make other people happy This means that things are not your obligations or needs. If you don’t want to do it then you have to know that you have a right not to do it. May have to start by knowing how to reject other people first. But if you’re still refusing to say no, you might start by reducing the amount of things you do instead.

The second thing is Do not take other people’s opinions. come down to self-worth Everyone has their own opinion. Sometimes other people’s opinions may not match the truth and who we are. Especially if that person is not someone who is important to us. The more we don’t need to bring other people’s opinions to hurt ourselves. Comments are for ‘A supplemental viewpoint’ is not something we have to hold on to for a long time to hurt ourselves.

I would like to emphasize that both of these are recommendations for living. But if what is the duty responsibility or what we should do In this section, there would be no advice on any kind of lifestyle that could help you besides ‘Hurry up and do it as soon as possible. So that you don’t have to endure for a long time’

#11 Find happiness for yourself every day.

I’ve already explained a lot. ‘Small happiness is precious’ Therefore, no matter what. You should find happiness for yourself every day. It may not be something as great as going to a foreign country. or buying a luxury car But watching funny videos for ten minutes a day or finding delicious food to eat every day It’s more important than we think.

Little happiness is like adding oil to life. If we do not know how to harvest these happiness We will not have encouragement. Willingness to do other tasks in life

You should figure out what kind of happiness you can achieve in a short amount of time. But it gives you a lot of encouragement. is referred to as You can also use ‘effective happiness-increasing activities’. Make time to do these activities every day. If you have multiple activities like this, do them alternately.

#12 Cut some ‘bad’ out of your life.

to be happy with myself We also need to reduce what makes us unhappy out of our lives.

Bad things in life come in many forms. Sometimes it comes in the form of those around you. may behave badly bad luck with us Of course, the best way would be to cut these people out of your life. But sometimes cutting everything out is not possible. So another option is to reduce the interaction.

Let’s try to notice which things in life (not limited to people This might include things you do or experience every day) that make you feel uncomfortable. If we cannot adjust our perspective to accept that. The second best option is to cut some of those bad things out of your life.

#13 Good physical health will lead to good mental health.

In this day and age, many people have begun to accept that good physical health will improve our mental health. rested body fully sleep It will make our brain feel less stressed.

If you feel bad about yourself what you can do And controllable is the exercise schedule. and the nutrients you take in and for most people ‘Get enough sleep’ should be something that is not difficult to do. If you can meet the needs of good physical health Your mental health will improve accordingly. This is a good complement to the other recommendations I have written in this article.

So start setting up a meal schedule. exercise schedule and your sleep schedule Everything may not be perfect from day one. but ensure that if you pay attention to these things ‘Everything will definitely get better’

#14 Remember that the joy of being alone is more than you think.

There are many words to describe the joy of being alone. such as living in the present being satisfied with what you have these words may make us understand that the way to find happiness must come from ‘Inside only’

I think the definition of happiness is much more than that. Watching funny movies is fun. We ate delicious food and were happy. We meditate, there is peace… we are happy.

This means being on your own doesn’t mean you have to be on your own. May be going out to find new experiences. learning something new Or it may be that you do nothing. Lying at home can also be happy. Happiness can happen anywhere. And there’s no need to be tied down.

In this section, I would like everyone to try to define their own happiness. And after defining it, try to find activities that make yourself happy. if you found you will be on your own enjoy spending time with yourself Try reading this article of mine. What is happiness? How to find happiness for yourself

#15 Find a balance between emotions and reasons that work for you.

The left side of the brain and the right side of each person’s brain work differently. and work unequally Some people are better at managing their emotions. Some people have access to more reasons. At this point, I don’t think there are any numbers or scientific advice on how much is good enough. Each person needs to find his or her own point of what emotions and reasons are appropriate for us.

Some problems may require emotion to solve. Some problems require a reason to solve. It depends on how you are good at it. and which method is likely to be most effective

Finally, some advice on spending time alone. Finding happiness for yourself is about ‘observing yourself’. Finding the right point for yourself. because no matter how good advice other people give In the end, it’s up to our brains and minds to tell us what we like. What are you happy with? What are you comfortable with?

There are several ways to find a perfect fit. such as observing yourself Giving yourself a chance to try something new or even talking to others to absorb the experience Try to open your mind wide and ask yourself if ‘What kind of self’ do you want to be with?





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