15 best NFT games to earn money

In this article we will talk about the best NFT games , but before we start with it, let’s talk a little about what this world is about. For those who are unaware, NFT games are intended to buy and sell assets through various objects in a video game. To simplify all this a bit, it is an investment that is made to acquire income in the long or short term.

Have you heard about NFTs? These are digital assets that can be collected, are the only one of their kind, and cannot be counterfeited. Currently this technology is used to earn money while having fun. Since NFT video games generate cryptocurrency earnings based on achievements, you should be wary of potential Ponzi schemes or pyramid scams .

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The best NFT games of the moment 

Now, having a bit of clarity about NFT video games, here we will mention a total of fifteen alternatives to earn money, something that can be quite useful to obtain extra income, which we know is never bad.

You may have heard of video games at some point, which has been an innovative field that has become remarkably popular. Considering even the future to generate money in a global and unique way, and certainly it may be so but there is a long way to go for it, things as they are.

If you have taken the necessary precautions and are interested in investing in any of them, then keep reading. We will present you the best 15 NFT games that pay this 2022 .

Axis Infinity 

Not to mention Axie Infinity would be suicide in this top of the best NFT games , and this is because it retains a dynamic that makes it really attractive to the user.

Of course, we are talking about a considerable investment to be able to obtain one of his creatures. With some inspiration from the Pokemon video games, in this case we will be able to obtain our creature with a cost as we have already mentioned, and its value will depend on how special or demanded it is.


With a somewhat innovative game mode in the world of NFTs , the user’s objective is to collect cards in order to create and assemble a unique deck among the others.

Now, it is important to mention that with Splinterlands we will be able to interact and fight with other people to gain experience, and of course money because it is one of the NFT games that pay.

9lives arena

Among the best NFT games we had to include yes or yes this role-playing game for the computer, which you can have your own character according to the historical heroes, and among the options we will find Viking, Barbarian, Gladiator heroes among others.

Here at 9lives arena we will be able to fight 1V1, gather resources, customization of abilities, weapons and much more.

Without a doubt, it is a video game that brings a concept that we have already seen in the past, and I think that this could be a differential point among the others. So, it is an alternative that we should definitely consider.

My Neighbor Alice

In this game called My Neighbor Alice , we will have the possibility to buy and sell plots, and the prices vary according to their scarcity. In the process we will be able to unlock certain benefits, have houses, animals, plants…

Alien Worlds

This last alternative, Alien Worlds , is very peculiar because in this NFT game we will be able to mine Trilium (TLM), which is the NFT (cryptocurrency of the game). The way to do it is by sending some spaceships through the metaverse in order to obtain TLM, after each mission we could obtain prizes equivalent to up to five of their own cryptocurrency, something that is undoubtedly of great help.

Now to finish this article on the best NFT games, we can only say that it is a platform that has expanded gigantically on different platforms. And we believe that in the future this will continue to spread exponentially, and best of all, there are more and more alternatives that offer various facilities to be able to incorporate new users.

look 4

It is one of the best NFT games that has come out recently as it has MMORPG (multiplayer role-playing) features and good 3D graphics. In the game you can generate cryptocurrencies called Darksteel , which can later be converted into another called DRACO and it is the one that must be exchanged for USDT.

Mir 4 can be installed on devices with Windows, iOS or Android systems. We recommend it to you because we are sure that you will love its game system.

NFT games to earn money


Another of the best NFT games that pay in 2022 is Illuvium , also with good 3D graphics, like “Open World” with a fantasy and role-playing theme. In this NFT game each player is a hunter who must investigate the world to catch creatures called ‘Illuvials’ , participating in fights and collecting them.

The name of the cryptocurrencies that the game generates are ILV and sILV, each one based on Ethereum blockchain technology .

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is another of the best NFT games available this 2022, where the user must build, preserve and sell the virtual experience that he designs in the world. Minecraft fans will feel familiar with the gameplay experience. The cryptocurrency it generates for trading is called $SAND.

You can access the game by registering on its official page, through RRSS such as Twitter, Facebook or email.


One of the simpler graphics games on this list of the 10 Paying NFT Games in 2022 is Helidrops , though it’s an interesting option to invest in. The user will have to control a helicopter that drops boxes containing prizes, money and abilities, but opening each box costs 1 Coin, the game’s cryptocurrency.

To participate in this NFT project you must register on the official page, Helidrops.io

Plant vs. Undead or PVU

This is an NFT game in which the player must plant seeds, harvest them, and then use them to fight against a horde of undead . The game currency is called LE or Light Energy, which is what is later exchanged for the PVU cryptocurrency.

If you want to play Plant vs. Undead you will need a PC with Google Chrome and Metamask to sign up.

Second World

In this NFT game, the user must collect places and buildings like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and place them in another real city. You will have to improve the environment to your liking and creativity using a cryptocurrency called SWIO.


A game very similar to Axie Infinity, in which you have to eliminate monsters, demonstrating skills and achieving goals. His in-game currency is BNRG , which is associated with the BMON cryptocurrency. To play it is necessary to access its official page.


This is another one of the best NFT games for Android, iOS or Windows. The user will have to get hold of characters called MOMO, who will help him get rewards and valuable items. MOMOs can also fight each other , generating or earning various types of stablecoins from the market.

Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is about mining and battles against space creatures, where you get rewards after completing missions. Its design is 2D side scrolling . The associated cryptocurrency is the DAR and must be downloaded from the official page.


Finally on our list of the top 10 paying NFT games in 2022 we have Darkspace. If you like battles, you’re in luck, because in Darkspace you’ll have to prepare an army to invade a planet . The resources obtained can be sold or exchanged for the CONZ cryptocurrency.

The future is now, and the world of cryptocurrencies will be the much-needed point of innovation, where now more people will have the opportunity to invest in a better way, which is what NFT games offer.




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