10 ways to increase endurance make our hearts stronger

It can be said that patience is one of the most important factors in almost every corner of our lives. both in terms of work relationship or even with yourself and with those around you Having patience automatically makes you a thoughtful and organized person. and makes people tend to also more ‘successful’

But like many things, it needs to be trained in the right way. In addition, being patient will create charm. and make people around you feel peaceful with us

10 ways to increase endurance

First of all, in this article I am not saying that ‘Feeling frustrated’ is a bad mood. We shouldn’t have any. Because this kind of feeling is human nature, if we ‘ignore’ our own emotions for a long time. We will become suppressors. unconsciously stressed out Or maybe it’s a person who gets angry easily. depressed

but at the same time Everything has to have its own ‘balance’. We can be sad, angry, frustrated, but we also need to know how to stand up and solve problems or at least find a way to understand ourselves.

Here are a few suggestions that I would like to offer. I hope it will increase your patience.

#1 Start by looking for the cause.

Let us find out the reason for the impatience. Each event has a factor that makes us impatient or impatient.

The first step is to find that thing first. But I must say that if you feel impatient That’s not surprising, that’s because ‘patience’ is what we need to practice in order to become better, more patient. The reason may be because you feel hungry. and want to go back home

Once we know the cause of impatient symptoms. That would be easy to deal with in the next step.

#2 Accept your emotions and situations.

Many times we have to be in situations where it is difficult to have patience. For example, having to sit on the road during rush hour. This can make us impatient. So let us accept it first. it happened And we can’t do anything about that event.

Break this section down into three main sections: 1) accepting your emotions that you feel frustrated, 2) separating your emotions from the problem at the forefront, and 3) understanding that feeling frustrated is normal. But it should not be related to our actions.

some situation We can solve it. no patience needed But in many situations we need to accept and prepare to find ways to make things better.

#3 Distraction find something else to do

In many situations we can’t avoid it. (Like sitting in a car for a long time in a traffic jam or waiting in a long line at a restaurant.) There are many things we can do. to make time pass quickly We can call this method ‘Distracting’ attention to yourself  .

You may listen to a podcast or play on your phone while you wait. (But don’t reply to messages while driving.) In addition to using time usefully, it also improves mood.

Many people may view this as ‘Time management’ because instead of taking time to devote to negative feelings. We can easily choose to invest in something of value or to push life forward.

#4 Meditate

Meditation is a simple thing that many people forget to think about. as we probably already know Practicing meditation has many benefits. as an aid in dealing with negative emotions including impatient temper or impatience

Mindfulness is essential to being patient. Meditation helps us become more mindful. Concentrating on your breath relaxes your body. and able to focus on things better

And this does not include any scientific advantages. like helping in the issue of better blood circulation It also helps reduce stress as well. What is Mindfulness?

#5 Being empathetic

Sometimes, the root cause of our impatience is our impatience with certain actions of others. For example The fact that we line up to buy things in department stores The person in front of us is rummaging for money in his pocket. Then carefully count them slowly. Sometimes it can cause us to be dissatisfied.

Having empathy (Empathy) is trying to think of another person if we think that he or she is doing the best. No one would want others to be slow as well. Trying to empathize with others is a good thing.

because many times When we feel angry, it’s because we put ourselves or our ego on. If this ego is contested by something in front of us We will also feel like our identity is being contested as well. This will cause negative emotions. In this section, I recommend reading these two articles together. What is empathy skill?  and what is ego

#6 Practice looking at the big picture

Sometimes we only look at one point. may make us impatient with certain situations

for example You buy regular coffee and found out later that the staff overcharged which looking at the big picture is looking at the money that employees do not intend to overthink a little Has it caused you trouble with money at all?

another event Let me give you an example of exercise. At first, it was tiring and ineffective. But if looking at each other in the long run This makes your body strong. and make us patient as well

Doing this is the same principle as ‘Don’t take yourself too much now’ is that instead of us taking ourselves now as an intermediary whether we have to exercise or are being cheated of money. We see that other people are not intentional. People can make mistakes. Or this kind of mistake doesn’t cause us to suffer every ten years. Things like this haven’t been long before we’ve forgotten about them.

#7 Learning from others is not wrong.

It’s also good to try to see how other people cope with adverse situations like us. Let’s see how those around us deal with the same situation. Read examples of famous people who have experienced the same problem as us, or consult an expert who specializes in this subject.

Sometimes we may feel that asking for advice or personal opinions is unkind, embarrassing, or offensive to others. But learning from others isn’t something that looks bad or wrong. Sometimes trying to ask for advice Or asking straight away is also good.

#8 Accept what you can’t change

In many situations, we do our best to endure it. or try to make it better But we have to admit that many things we cannot change. for example that you have to wait to recover from an injury to go out for a walk or exercise as before

Sitting and worrying about things like this is unlikely to help us heal. Understand that these things take practice, so gradually understand them. You try to tell yourself that These things are out of your control. The most you can do is accept it and not stress it too much.

(But consider it realistically too. There are many things that can be solved and some things that cannot be solved. To be patient, one must choose to be patient for the right thing. Otherwise, it will become indifferent or allow people to take advantage.)

#9 Calm down, take it slow

‘Be patient with patience’ These things take a lot of time. Like many things, taking things slowly over time will always produce good results.

If you want to run a marathon, training from little to small will eventually finish you off. and see great results don’t pressure yourself Take it slow.

My advice is to try. ‘Maintaining your willpower’ Research has shown that humans have limited mental energy/grit. That’s not always possible in this view. Therefore, in which part do we have the opportunity to relax or find ways to reduce stress? We should do it together as well…because as I have compared If you train for a marathon all the time, every day, your body will break down before you can actually hit the track.

#10 Sometimes, I’m impatient. What will happen?

From the original point of view in the previous point. If we understand that our willpower is limited We have to choose what we want to pay attention to or devote our heart to. that we keep telling ourselves to be patient but have to accept that there are some events that are difficult to endure

It’s also a good thing to let us be impatient in certain situations. Sometimes, for example, eating a little bit of fried food. After we have been dieting for a long time

It’s good to relax from some rigors. As long as those things do not cause others to get angry or cause discomfort. But don’t accidentally be too patient.

Personally, I think to let go of the unimportant things. Then take the time, energy, concentration, and focus on the really important things that have an impact on your life.






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