10 ways to build confidence in speaking

10 ways to build confidence in speaking

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Speaking is a basic skill. Both in terms of relationships, socializing, including to be successful in work. but as I said this is a skill that need to practice so that we have a better relationship with those around us Know more about yourself and others and make work smoother as well

Today I will introduce 10 ways to build confidence in speaking. So you can bring these things to practice. or help increase confidence in speaking more I will divide it into 2 stages: Preparation and Implementation.

10 ways to build confidence in speaking

preparatory stage build confidence in speaking

#1 Before speaking to anyone else talk to yourself first talking to oneself is the first and foremost thing We talk to ourselves so we can understand ourselves and get to know ourselves better, our strengths, weaknesses, and the real purpose of our speech.

And most importantly, talking to yourself must be a positive communication (Positive self-talk). speaking to summon one’s own strength These are all important things.

#2 Be yourself Being yourself allows us to be natural and able to express exactly what we want to offer. or trying to imitate people That might cause us to lose ourselves. And this may be perceived by the interlocutor or listener. (That doesn’t mean one shouldn’t learn how other people speak. This is necessary for self-improvement)

#3 Consciousness , whether talking to other people or presentation Sometimes we may encounter unexpected events. like a question that is difficult to answer may cause our sanity to disappear and difficult to pull back so what should be done That is, always keep in mind, let us be conscious, think slowly, make decisions if we encounter these unexpected things.

#4 Smile, and smile genuinely, too . It’s one of those good things our culture has instilled in us. The benefits of smiling sincerely are many. You’ll immediately appear more approachable. It can also increase confidence incredibly. but as I said You have to smile from the heart too.

Step by step , speak with more confidence.

5 Eye Contact “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Eye contact with the interlocutor or sweeping the eyes thoroughly in the presentation It can be said that it is like building trust. between the communicator and the receiver but more importantly Don’t hold eye contact with the other person for too long. may make the other person feel threatened It had the opposite effect.

#6 Try to open the body (Open Posture) . It means trying not to have anything between you and the other person or listener, including your hands. or your arm too crossed arms or use your hands to cover parts of your body It’s like an automatic mechanism when we feel insecure. This can make the interlocutor feel. And speaking or talking at that time may not seem smooth.

on the contrary If we don’t cross our arms Including trying to turn your hand to the conversation partner. That’s a sign of opening. will make it safe and ready to accept

#7 Use other body language. People who are confident in speaking. And people who speak well often use body language to speak or communicate. It’s not just using words to communicate. This adds incredible charm to you.

For example, if you’re talking about something that looks very big or wide, then you should spread your hands and arms wide as well. If you’re talking about anything, it’s a topic. Counting with your fingers helps to enhance your speech immensely.

Using your body language is a clear reflection of how you feel about the story you are telling. and make the audience emotional

#8 Catchphrases: Quit, whether it’s a casual conversation or a presentation. We often have words on our lips, for example, “Um,” “Uh,” “Nah,” “Yes, sir,” and so on.

having these words in speech If it’s a conversation where the interlocutor is close enough, it’s enough to allow some. But if talking to adults or presentation These words will make us look less confident. and seems unprepared So be careful with these words to come.

#9 Stop at the right point Some people may be afraid of stopping. Because I feel that silence is a scary thing to talk about. or presentation But in reality, sometimes it’s just a short pause. Helping listeners to be emotional We should leave a space for listeners to have a chance to use their thoughts. compiling what we want to convey

When reading a poet, there is still a blank page, giving us the opportunity to use our thoughts and absorb our emotions. In speaking, it should be like that too. Trust me, you will look much more charming and subtle.

#10 Change the rhythm of the cone. Talking at random without paying attention to the audience or the pace. would look boring this attention to detail is absolutely necessary It makes speaking sound. and greatly enhance the speaker’s confidence

knowing how to speed up the pace when talking about exciting subjects and slow down when speaking about sorrowful matters Using your voice is important. Just a little high and low It can affect the mood of the listener as well.

These are just a few examples. that will boost your confidence Whether it’s a simple talk or a big presentation. Confidence is the first thing that will lead us to success. whether in work or in our lives

But as I said These are skills. and when it is known as a skill Constant training is required. Finding a trusted listener is a good thing to have. Having a wide range of listeners would be a very good thing. I hope you will be more confident in speaking.





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