10 Tips for managing your feelings

Tips for managing your feelings Shake off negative thoughts

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Emotions and feelings are human beings that when external factors affect them, happiness, smiles, sorrows, disappointments, and learning how to manage your feelings can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health. Because no one is happy and cheerful all the time. Sometimes there are things to be dissatisfied with. sorrowful and sorrowful Dive into this emotional state can have serious consequences, such as the depression that many modern people are dealing with. Anyone who wants to shake off these negative energies, learn the secrets that we bring today.

A simple way to manage your feelings, you will surely get your smile back again.

What are the negative aspects of feeling? Today, we would like to introduce the main self-management that most people often suffer from. divided by disappointment The pain of feeling good is not enough. The feeling of carrying everything, the anger, the anger and the loneliness. How to cope with it, let’s see.

  • how to manage disappointment

If what you’re thinking doesn’t go as you expected, don’t get caught up in it. Let’s manage expectations again. and then act on new goals that we have improved and developed As for how to manage your feelings, Pantip recommends first reviewing yourself what you’ve learned from this event, then adjusting it to make the future better.

Then realize that it may be because of thinking too fast and acting too quickly. Rome could not be built in a day. Our presets may be exaggerated, and these disappointments are fleeting. And finally, It’s not the end of the world! You can still move on. Stay positive, because the past doesn’t determine the future, but it can help mold us into successful people.

  • how to manage pain

Painful feelings can arise from disappointment or the loss of something important. Self-management allows you to reverse the view that in reality you may not lose anything at all. if it relates to a person He may not know what actions have caused you pain. Let’s look back again to see if we actually lost anything or not. We may be judging something so quickly that it seems too bad to be true. Ultimately, it’s about talking to the person who caused you this feeling in an open way about whether or not what you’re going through is wrong.

  • How to manage feeling inadequate

Anyone going through this feeling thinks they are not capable enough to succeed. For self-management, consider once again consciously whether we are not good enough in this context. If the answer is yes It’s just improving the abilities that will make the mission successful. Having to change the perspective that not being good enough is a good thing for us to be better people. Whoever finds a role model or role model to be inspired is a good idea, at least.

  • How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed

If you are depressed Desperate, powerless to fight for life It’s time to ask yourself what is the most important thing in your life. Dealing with these feelings should start by prioritizing life’s priorities, such as health, income, family and loved ones. Then tackle the problems sequentially or fix them from the easiest point first. Then you will feel that everything is in control.

  • How to manage angry feelings

Feelings of anger can arise from the fact that something important in your life is being destroyed. Dealing with this problem begins with a change of perspective. People who destroy our feelings may not realize that they are important things in our lives. Even if he broke it down, it might not be that important. In addition, ask yourself this positive question: Does this person really care about us? What does this incident teach us and how to communicate with others in the future so that it does not repeat itself?

  • how to deal with loneliness

Feeling lonely can be normal, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we have to be more distant. until you may feel that you want to talk to someone Dealing with loneliness is definitely not difficult. Because we can always connect with other people. There are still people who support and care. We are not alone in this world. Then think of who you want to contact and talk or meet. Loneliness is not a bad thing because it shows you care about others.

Tips for managing your feelings Get rid of negative feelings to be bright again.

It’s over for how to manage your feelings when all 6 symptoms occur. If you are facing any problem, starting to ask questions and adjust your perspective will help alleviate it very well. ??? ??? ????? ? ???? ??? ????????? ?????????? ??? ??????????????? ?????- ????? ????? ? ?????????? ???? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ?! I really hope that everyone can get through it and find a brighter day. In a situation where the world is not favorable, including the economic crisis world plague and war You are not alone in this world, there are people available to help. Guidance and support are on your side. Let’s not lose hope and move forward together.





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