10 Methods for building self-esteem

self-esteem It really is a matter of perception. Interpretation of Past Life Experiences or attached to it Until it became a belief that he was like that. People with low self-esteem or a sense of being without dignity. Can’t compete with other people. Sometimes there may be a defect in adaptation. (Dysfunctional coping) is unable to fight the problems that come through in life.While others, he was able to pass that point. makes us feel bad about ourselves Sometimes I feel worthless. (Worthlessness) is not important to those around you or even your own family. Sometimes it feels like you don’t have anyone to help you. (Helplessness) like being alone in the world. Feelings will gradually plummet every time, resulting in a feeling of lack of hope. (Hopelessness) Lack of encouragement (Empowerlessness) Feeling tired, discouraged, and exhausted to stand up and fight. In some situations, someone may come to help and can’t help but secretly look at him in a pessimistic way or can’t resist suspicion (Paranoid). There is a feeling of distrust. and thought that he might feel bad for us In some emotions, there may be feelings like self-loathing. Sometimes it seems to try to maintain a good relationship with other people to remain (Maintain Positive Relationship) to be used as a basis for anchoring the mind. Trying to resist the same old behavior that they used to do when they didn’t want to do it or weren’t happy to do it (Act in Their own

Building self-esteem (Self esteem) will develop the value of one’s dignity to occur. Self-esteem usually begins to build and accumulate over a person’s lifetime. through the process of self-awareness It starts early in life and continues to develop. At the same time, self-esteem can also be lost. Self-esteem, or self-esteem, is achieved through family upbringing. through absorbing various experiences in life continuously until the last breath Methods for building self-esteem It can be started by the following methods.

  1. Try to think positively about yourself often, find good things in yourself and say good things to yourself, forexamplewe can do it, we are a good person. We think what others can’t think. We are now much more advanced than ever before. But surprisingly, these words can make us change the feelings we used to feel bad about ourselves.
  2. Create the feeling that we are we,we are not them, so there is no need to put pressure on ourselves by comparing ourselves to others to lose our temper. But if we want to compare We should compare ourselves now with ourselves in the past. or compare self-improvement with the goals we set To be able to see the path to success would be more appropriate.
  3. Use exercise to build discipline and train yourself to be strong. Have stable motivation. The method is to try to set goals . in exercise whatever we like Then try to reach the goal that you set, forexample, intend to run for up to 30 minutes, then try until you can do it. Don’t change the insurance day tomorrow. I don’t make excuses that I’m not ready. or showing self-pity, not being patient, not fighting If we can train ourselves to be able to do as intended. these behaviors will give us more self-confidence In addition, we exercise sweat. also causes the body to secrete andorphins or substances of happiness The more we feel happier.
  4. try to tell yourself that No one in this world is perfect. In all cases, the important thing is the acceptance of imperfection that Maybe it’s one of the charms that makes us be ourselves more. Or see that in imperfection may make the piece unique and interesting. And it’s the only thing that’s hard to find and valuable in itself.
  5. tell yourself that Everyone can make mistakes. And mistakes are the ones that make us learn and grow more. if we know the cause of that error and make that mistake our teacher to teach us not to repeat the same mistakes
  6. If there is a choice to change one thing With one thing we can control and the other we can’t, try to focus on changing the things we can control. It’s better than changing things outside of our control, such as changing our thoughts or controlling our actions. It will be easier than changing other people to think or change their actions according to our needs.
  7. Try to make time to do things that make us happy every day,even in small things like reading, cooking, or practicing the things we like. Being around these things that make us happy makes us more likely to be positive people.
  8. Opportunity to Reward or celebrate some of your accomplishments. Even if it’s a small accomplishment, celebrating yourself in this way will help build self-confidence and make you happier.
  9. Having friends , having the opportunity to help friends or receiving some help from friendswill surely have a positive effect on our feelings. and make our mood better happier and more self-esteem
  10. Choosing, associating with friends or people who encourage us to think positively will make us happy Try to find a group of people who will make you feel good. and avoid associating with people who will cause us to feel negative or pessimistic Our life will be happier.

These techniques can help us feel better about ourselves and boost our self-esteem. building self-esteem will give us more self-confidence Better self-awareness and will result in making us more courageous to express our opinions Practicing Pride to Happen It can be achieved with success that doesn’t have to be a great success. or compare with anyone Keep thinking and practicing feeling like this often will make us look at ourselves in a positive way, giving us a feeling of self-esteem.At this point, I would like you to close your eyes, smile a little at the corner of your mouth and think of the good things that we have. not holding on to the past Or don’t bind yourself to the future that hasn’t arrived yet. not comparing yourself to anyone Because no one is the same in this world. Everyone will always have their own magic. Don’t be troubled by the expectations but think of the good or the obstacles that we have been through until today We will feel better about ourselves. try to broaden this awareness Look at yourself and others with a positive mind. See that everyone has interesting stories. Everyone goes through different experiences. And we are one of those people. When we can create this kind of feeling It will give hope and encouragement. And as a result, we can adapt to different situations. get even better Ability to build good relationships with other people And can stand gracefully among millions of people in the world.




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