10 best games similar to Super Mario Run for Android

After the enormous success of Pokémon Go since the middle of last year, already towards the end of 2016 we find ourselves with a new launch from the people of Nintendo that will surely cause people to talk in the future, and of course we are referring to what it has to do with Super Mario Run.

The Best Games Similar to and Alternatives to Super Mario Run to Play on your Android Mobile

In any case, it must be said that at least for now, Super Mario Run is among the list of the best games for iPhone and that they are only available for Apple terminals , but we cannot install it on Android, as it is expected to be available. Just since March .

Well, then there is more than a month left for fans of one of the most important franchises in the world to be able to enjoy Super Mario Run on Android phones, and so we thought that this was the right moment to show other similar games that could be had . consider.

Indeed, then we are going to talk about some of the titles that we consider have points in common with Super Mario Run , and that surely a huge number of users will find equally entertaining, and so on.

If you are then one of the lovers of the adventures of Mario and company who can’t wait for Super Mario Run, then you have to know that we are going to specifically teach you two games similar to Super Mario Run, which are also very entertaining, so that don’t lose sight of them.

These Super Mario Run style games are available on the Google Play Store, so you can install them absolutely without any problem on your Android mobile device.

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  1. Super Mario Run and the impact it has had on our time.
  2. The best games similar to Super Mario Run for Android
    1. Lep’s World 3:
    2. Mikey shorts:
  3. What games are very similar to Super Mario RUN? We show you the best alternatives.
  4. Super Mario RUN on Android is it possible?
  5. Download games similar to Super Mario RUN on Android
    1. Lep’s Word 3
    2. monkey shorts

Super Mario Run and the impact it has had on our time.

It is a platform video game in which Mario, the main character, runs automatically from left to right, thus allowing him to be controlled with one hand by tapping on the screen to perform jumps, and if contact is maintained with the screen, jump higher.

The style of other games in the same series is maintained, where the character must maneuver over enemies, coins and dangers along the way. The goal is for the player to get Mario safely through the current level in the shortest amount of time possible.

Super Mario Run is a three-dimensional video game shown in a two-dimensional plane , similar to the title New Super Mario Bros. The design and development team is the same that has worked on various video games in the franchise, among which Takashi Tezuka stands out as designer. of the game and Shigeru Miyamoto as producer.

Shigeru Miyamoto assured in an interview with Time magazine that Super Mario Run is being produced by him with development by Takashi Tezuka, and he has a development team of many members with experience in Mario platform games.

He also stated that the game will be connected to the My Nintendo service, and that they have opted for temporary exclusivity with Apple as both companies have a similar philosophy.

As you can see, it’s actually a game with seemingly simple mechanics, although as in all Mario games, there are tricks that will help you go through the worlds faster and level up in a short time.

The best games similar to Super Mario Run for Android

Lep’s World 3:

We begin then with the first of the games similar to Super Mario Run that we think you should take into account , since it is one of the titles that has been growing the most within the Android operating system to tell the truth.

In the first instance, it should be noted that in the game Lep’s World we find a different main character, who is a leprechaun of Irish origin, really entertaining, to which we will have to adapt.

Then, how the game works is similar because we will have to overcome all the difficulties and so on. For that, it will be possible to jump and take advantage of all the buttons that we have on our touch screen.

Lep’s World 3 also has coins, maps for us to overcome, and many other elements.

Mikey shorts: 

And secondly, another alternative game to Super Mario Run that we are sure that many users of Android mobile devices will be able to take advantage of to entertain themselves , at least until they have the possibility that the other title appears in the Google Play Store.

It is about Mikey shorts, a game in which we will have to go around the screen , collecting the small statues that appear on our way. That will allow us to have more and more coins, and as we progress, we will unlock other interesting content.

This game, like Mario RUN, has several worlds and each of them has multiple levels. Which of these Super Mario Run-style games is your favorite?

What games are very similar to Super Mario RUN? We show you the best alternatives.

Some time ago Nintendo decided to launch the Super Mario application market for some mobiles but in this case not for Android only IOS, after many years, with this title they managed to capture the attention of all the fans who were waiting for this game so fun.

However, as we said before, the bad news is that it is not available for android, this makes things a bit complicated for that number of fans who are left without Super Mario RUN , for not being able to afford an IOS (apple) cell phone. ), this is very unfair really something exclusive, however we believe that it will soon be available for Android devices.

But they have not set any kind of dates, nor have they confirmed at any time , that this was a fact, however we are completely sure that it will be available very soon for you to download on Android.

Super Mario RUN on Android is it possible?

As it was released for Apple and not for Android, we have to make do with alternatives for the moment , in this article we are going to talk about some of the alternatives to this game that are quite fun, so now we are going to have games similar to super mario RUN, which may be free for Android phones and tablets.

The alternatives that we are going to present at this moment will be two that are of the same genre and are quite similar in terms of the gameplay of Super Mario RUN.

Download games similar to Super Mario RUN on Android

Lep’s Word 3

This is an application very similar to Mario RUN but in which this main character is an Irish leprechaun , it is a game that has buttons incorporated into the screen, with which you can move, jump, shoot , among other important actions and Entertaining, in this sense, when talking about the setting, it is too similar to that of the Mario Run game, but it is only adapted to the world of elves.

However, the objects that appear are too analogue , to that of Mario RUN, we are talking about coins, pigeons that are similar to Mario’s feather, and lives are clovers instead of mushrooms.

monkey shorts

This is a game quite full of interesting things, very entertaining, we must be clear that it follows the same scheme, it is about something a little further from Mario, however, the theme is a little different, since the main objective of the same.

It is to collect statues, they are in obstacles, if they are not collected you cannot pass the level and so the theme continues, with the coins that appear you can buy improvements and characters to run.

This is a game a bit similar to Mario RUN because it has worlds and these in turn levels that will entertain you a lot.

We hope that these applications manage to give you an idea of ​​what we are waiting for in Super Mario RUN and that at the same time you have enough fun to consider looking for that application, after all, they are quite good games and 100% recommended.




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