10 best free racing horse games

When entering the Google Play Store we can see that there are a large number of horse games and most of them are available for free. Continue reading this article that we present to you and find out what are the best free racehorse games for your Android mobile?

Horses are beautiful animals that for thousands of years have accompanied the development of man, fundamental in strategy games . Almost everyone likes them, which is why the variety of games of this type is so wide. There are some that are more focused on children, others on an adult audience.

What are the Best Racing Horse Games for your Free Android Mobile?

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  1. What are the best horse racing games?
    1. Photo Finish Horse Racing

The best racing horse hair salon and decoration games for Android operating system

Braided Mane Horse Care

Horse Mane Braided Care is a race horse hair salon game . You will have to prepare your steed to look like a true champion.

The player has to brush the horse’s mane and follow the tutorial to be able to do the hairstyle indicated by the game at all times.

The game works on devices with Android 2.3 operating system and requires 45 MB of free space for installation .

Horse Care Game 2

Horse Care Game 2 is a game in which the player’s mission is to take care of the horses , paying attention to them, feeding them, cleaning them and performing all those tasks necessary for a horse to be well cared for. As points are accumulated, new activities are unlocked.

The game works on devices running Android OS 2.3 and higher. It requires 6.5 MB of free space on your device for installation.

Conveyor Train SIM Horse

SIM Horse Train Transporter is a game in which the player acts as the driver of a freight train who will have to ensure that the horses arrive at their destination in good condition . If the horses suffer any damage, the game is over and you have to start the mission again.

This game works on devices running Android OS 2.3 and later. It needs 50 MB of free space on your device to be able to install. It is recommended for children over 3 years of age.

What are the best horse racing games?

One of the functions in which this beautiful animal has contributed the most to society is as a means of transportation. So, since the horse is our main means of transportation, man, due to his desire to stand out, invented horse racing, which would later lead to competitions such as Formula 1, Nascar, etc.

Similar to car racing games, the objective of this type of game is to win a certain tournament and be the fastest on the track.

Horse Racing 3D

Horse Racing 3D is a game that focuses on the thrill of horse racing. The player must get to know each of the horses in the game in order to learn how to handle them and get the best possible performance out of them . You also have to learn the techniques to evade or jump obstacles.

The objective is to participate in horse riding obstacle races worldwide and for your horse to stand out, gaining international fame . It is important to highlight that in this game you will have different surfaces (grass, sand) on which the races will take place, which will put your horse’s knowledge to the test.

The game works on smartphones and tablets running Android 2.1 or higher. 15 MB is required to be able to carry out the installation . The age recommendation is for children from 3 years old.

Photo Finish Horse Racing

In this game you will have to develop all your skills to make your horse the most victorious stallion on the racing circuit and achieve worldwide fame. The activities range from choosing the horse, training it, decorating it for the race and riding it so that it rides like the wind.

As you achieve the triumphs you will have many more resources to develop your horse. This game is a mixture of all the previous ones that we have presented to you.

Photo Finish Horse Racing works on the Android operating system and requires at least 90 MB to be installed on your device.




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